Universal Read for the week of:12December ~ 18December 2016

Cards: ALL REVERSED! Knight of Pentacles (reversed), Ten of Wands (reversed), Eight of Wands (reversed).

Stones: Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Apatite (raw), 2 Fluorites.

Packing on holiday pounds, stress, and too many obstacles to deal with leave you not wanting to exercise and take better care of your body? (Opting for more elastic waistbands lately? Me too!) Despite all that, there looks to be some sort of cleansing this week whether we like it or not (indicated by the citrine). Any kind of stress thrown at us during the week we can totally handle without feeling super overwhelmed; though it may leave us feeling a bit weary and resistant of doing required work by the week’s end.

Besides noted above, citrine is also good for attracting and protecting wealth, clearing the mind, stimulating creativity/imagination, and energizing! Carry rutilated quartz for protection against psychic attack, motivation, and as a regenerator. Apatite is also a motivator, and can help curb the appetite and temper while gaining mental clarity. Fluorite can be used for clarity of thinking, organizing (getting things in order), calming chaos, and even more psychic protection during spiritual development.

Happy Full Moon this week!

Peace, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Cards: Crystal Visions


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