Universal Read for the Week of: 19 December ~ 25December 2016

Cards: The Wheel (reversed), Temperance, King of Cups

Wondering why some things don’t change? Maybe because there are patterns (and perhaps vicious cycles) we are refusing to acknowledge and do anything about! EeGaAHD! Resistance is futile. Ready or not, some of these patterns are going to be re-presenting themselves… just on time for Mercury retrograde! The good news is, we can take the knowledge and wisdom gained from repeated lessons/experiences, and transform it all into something much more noble and stunning: Compassion, rising above difficult times, and Maturity! A lot of healing is to be had from all of the personal seasons; and paying it forward to help others that may be experiencing some similar scenarios is in the air.

Ah, life.

How else do we learn but to endure some kind of emotional trauma after repeating the same life choices/patterns/mistakes? For many of us, that’s the only way we learn! (Some folks seem to be more gluttons for punishment than others.) We’re all human, we all make mistakes, we all have our own personal troubles and journeys: let’s do our best to remember that and embrace that compassionate energy by this weekend.

Happy Holidays!

(Holly-DAZE haha)


Peace, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Cards: Tarot Apokalypsis




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