Universal Read for the week of: 26December 2016 ~ 01January 2017

Cards: Knave of Swords (reversed), Death, King of Chalices

Looks like the week begins with some lingering depression and then there we are, talking ourselves into a corner. Midweek spells definite and major endings (and new beginnings)! Sometimes we cannot avoid major change; and we shouldn’t be afraid to embark on new paths (and live a new m.o.). Time to accept our loss(es), and completely let go of and leave the past behind once and for all. It looks like the result is Compassion and living through our hearts by the week’s end (and New YEAR!).

In my humble opinion: What a perfect end/new beginning for this transition from the old to the new year!

Many blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Cards: Universal Fantasy Tarot


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