Universal Read for the week of: 09January ~ 15 January 2017

Cards: King of Cups(reversed), Four of Wands, Ten of Wands (reversed)

stones: aquamarine, brecciated jasper, brown jasper

Not exactly feeling compassion or wanting to do heart-to-hearts to kick it off, though midweek we are reminded that we need to help each other. There is a feeling of stability, and grounded-ness (yes, even in relationships)! Balance and structure is the theme midweek. Not quite feeling overwhelmed as of yet, though there are a lot of responsibilities that need attention by the weekend.

Aquamarine can help you find a way to communicate if you are having trouble. Also it helps to reduce stress, helps sensitive people tolerate everything, overcome judgementalism, supports those who feel overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages people to take responsibility for themselves. Time to tie things up and get some closure to unfinished business? Aquamarine can help facilitate the process. It also helps soothe fears, sharpens intuition/clairvoyance, shields the aura and align the chakras.

Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”! It assists with grounding and stability, and helps you with helping others. It promotes quick thinking and clarity. Need help being honest with yourself? Yep, Jasper helps with that, too. Brecciated Jasper can help you “get ‘er done” by promoting vitality and strength, kicking you in the butt to do so. It also helps with mental focus and clarity as well.

Alrighty! Mercury is direct now, so things can start moving forward again. YAY!!! Full Moon is Thursday morning, so after that is a good time to release all the stuff that just happened over this last month or so!


~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



card deck: Crystal Visions Tarot

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