2017 Outlook for U.S. of A.

So with a new president taking office, I’ve decided to do a One Year Outlook for my home country, U.S. of A.

Overall, I must say it looks promising, and with lots of exciting potential(s)! I sure hope these things seen here do come to pass. It’s not going to be without challenge! But for real, it is about time for change (for the better) for this country as a whole.

Here goes:

The overall feel/theme/challenge for the year: We’re still in a state of nostalgia, and also very pleasure seeking here in the U.S. We have been feeling a bit stagnant as of late, so our biggest theme/challenge for this year will be MOVING FORWARD! Also, making new (good) memories as we do. 🙂

The first quarter will be about licking our wounds and somehow summoning the courage to persevere: keep “fighting the good” fight, as they say. (Meaning getting up each morning, pulling our pants on, and continuing on with our days: despite our spirits feeling beat down and run through the ringer.)

Second quarter of this year will be about partnerships (remember the pleasure & moving forward with them) and also a balance of power between the masculine and feminine. (We all know that this needs to happen.)

Third  quarter is all about clarity (which many of us already have NOW) and seeing past all illusions in life. There is a big potential for monumental change during that time, leaving the past and the old ways behind ONCE AND FOR ALL. There is plenty of emotional support around and also during that time is when we (a country as a whole) look to feel the most forward movement and spiritual growth.

Last quarter has a huge potential of presenting us with lots of “fertile soil”, so to speak, filled with lots of new opportunities! 😮 (Depending if everyone gets done what we need to during the year.) There looks to be great potential of new opportunities especially for teachers, professors, and pursuers of dreams of all kinds. Also, there is a potential to heal family issues by the end of the year, and starting new families! (We’re not really seeing the possibility of all these potential new opportunities yet, as we are still in the state of myopia, feeling beat down and licking our wounds. Remember that many things go on behind the scenes, at all times.)

I am so happy and pleased to report this kind of read for our country! I know many folks out there are pretty worried, AGAIN because of the myopia of what we’ve all been going through recently. This year shows good promise. My only hope is that by the end of the year, re-reading this post people will be happy, satisfied, and feeling good that these wonderful things took place, and not kicking themselves at what “could have been.” Remember that nothing changes unless something changes. We are all accountable and play a vital role in creating our own destiny!

Love, Light, and Peace

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Card deck: Cosmic Tarot (My workhorse!)


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