Universal Read for the Week of: 16January ~ 22 January 2017

Cards: Ffaff the Ffooter (Reversed), Singer of Connection, Ekstasis

Many won’t be feeling their feet firmly planted on the ground, and perhaps they really need to do so! (And even look at your feet! Respect yourself and the Earth. Take proper care of your feet.) Though people will be feeling flighty and their heads up in the clouds, it’s super urgent to get grounded and centered. (Or at the very least, learn how to fly properly!) Folks may start to feel a deep inter-connectedness by midweek. (If not with other humans, at least with everything else ~ land, plants, flowers, butterflies, SOURCE… ) Unity, unity, UNITY!!! This will bring  a state of ecstasy by the end of the week. Go for it! If nothing else, this confirms that things are moving in a good direction. Be in harmony with the “great song”. The energy is present to heal the past, intensify the moment, and enlighten the future.

Wow! :0

Love & Light,


aka Lady Sara


cards: Faeries’ Oracle


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