Universal Read for the Week of: 23January ~ 29 January 2017

Cards: Losgunna ( reversed), Myk the Myomancer (reversed), The Green Woman (reversed), The Bright Mother.

Feeling bored? Time to mix up the rut/routine and do something different and interesting. Time for a little adventure of sorts! (Boring lives are for boring people. It’s up to YOU to choose to do something different. Don’t complain/make excuses about “no money” or some external factor. Doing something different doesn’t always mean breaking the bank!) Patiently pay attention to important details by the middle of the week. You don’t have to overly obsess about them ~ just notice what messages/lessons you may receive from little things. (I.e. is your car acting a little different? The message there is that it needs a little attention and TLC! Watch and notice smaller creatures and subtleties in their behaviour. Is there something you can learn from their methodologies?) Don’t deny the validity! If we don’t pay attention and do these things during the week, by the weekend we would have stunted our growth and things in life may be going awry ~ not the way we want them to be. By the way: this weekend marks not only the New Moon, but the Chinese New Year of the Rooster! Time to “plant the seeds”: explore new ideas, have patience, nurture them and help them grow. Give your all to this life, no holding back. Notice all that you have been cultivating so far. What do you want to change? (If there is something that doesn’t jive, you do have the power to change it!)  A call for compassion may also be in order for this weekend.

Peace, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Cards: Faeries’ Oracle



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