Universal Read for the week of: 3oJanuary ~ 05February 2017

Cards: ALL REVERSED!!!! Five of Cups, Ten of Pentacles, The Empress

All reversed indicates much resistance! Eegahd!

Moving on, healing, and not being so consumed by grief is the way to go to begin this week. However, many are not acknowledging some of the abundances they do have, and feeling like all that is needed is simply just not there. It may even feel like there is a bit of elitism leading to exclusion, and possibly family disruption and dysfunctional tendencies. By the weekend there appears to be more opposition to the mother and mother-like energies: set your boundaries and stick with ’em! (Are you neglecting your own self-care , and becoming a bit of a martyr?) Strive to find the beauty/creativity in yourself and others, yet beware of the “smother mother” !

Many Blessings, Love & Light,

~ Hydoxia

aka Lady Sara





Cards: Tarot Apokalypsis




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