Universal Read for the Week of: 13February ~ 19February 2017

Cards: Huracan, Balam (reversed), Chac (reversed)

Brace yourself! Like it or not, sudden changes are upon us. Though it may feel chaotic and disconcerting for a bit, trust that ultimately these changes are beneficial for the long run bigger picture.  There will be many that will be feeling weak and disempowered, while others may actually be abusing their power! All these sudden changes tend to expose the shadow side that needs to be brought to light. It’s up to you to get control of your life and confront those struggles within you. By the end of the week, most folks will be scrambling to regain their own bearings, so please don’t take it personally if you are not feeling so much emo support that you may be accustomed. Time to stand on your own two feet! (On the flip side, others out there will be feeling TOO much intrusive influence by others, and probably feel suffocated and/or smothered!)

Metaphor or not, the deserts which normally crave the nourishing rain may be in for a deluge; while others that are more used to precipitation may be feeling a bit dried up and crusty.

Whatever happens this week, we all need to roll with it and do the best we can. It’ll be alright. 🙂


Much Love and Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara




Oracle: Wisdom of the Maya


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