Universal Read for the week of: 27 February ~ 05 March 2017

Cards: ALL REVERSED!!! Ten of Pentacles, King of Chalices, Ace of Swords

If you think money, affluence, and abundance is going to come to you quickly and easily, you’ve got another thing coming! The acquisition of abundance is a long journey. Be selective of what you choose to surround yourself  with along the way. (Or maybe you discover you don’t really want that much in the way of materials at all!) Not  feeling particularly compassionate this week? Feeling like you’re not living through your heart? Seems so. Remember you must understand your own heart before you can understand others’. By the end of the week, it looks like people just want marginal distraction vs. focusing on personal missions and/or projects. Frivolity and scatter-brained tendencies appear to be trumping focused intentions! A little distraction never hurt anyone now and again, but please remember not to dwell in those places too long. At some point you’ll need to get re-focused and open to new ideas!


Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Cards: Universal Fantasy Tarot

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