Universal read for the week of: 13March ~ 19March 2017

Cards: The Singer of Healing, The Singer of Courage (reversed), UnDressing of a Salad, the Pook.

Healing energies are available and all around us (for giving and receiving) if we only let go of our fears and accept them! It’s time to heal and release all the self-doubt and fear we’ve been holding on to for so long. This week calls for your keen senses and balancing skills, through all the constant movement and hectic chaos of life. Someone maybe trying to knock you off kilter. Ok, fine (pay them no mind!)  focus on bringing new energy into your life, even if you think it’s impossible right now. Balance the good and the bad, old and the new, this and that. Get a fresh perspective on some aspects of your life. Wake up and do a reality check on the good/bad labels you place on things. See the good in the bad, and the bad in the good. Balance. Challenge: Stop projecting confusion on reality! It’s time for some resolution and to gain new, clear understandings of seemingly contradictions and paradoxes. All confusion must be stripped away and the Truth must come out.

Many Blessings!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Cards: The Faeries’ Oracle




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