So you think you may be a Star Being

Always struggling and anxious in social situations, never feeling like you can quite fit in… ANYwhere you go and no matter what you say/do?

Often feel that your life is so crazy out of control and that you simply don’t belong here?

Misunderstood frequently by most people?

Feel the most at ease with your own company and/or the company of animals (i.e. dogs)?

In tune with nature and can sense all the subtleties amongst the trees, water, stones?

Feel like an orphan?

Always have a longing to be in some far off place… though never quite sure where?

Feel a great peace watching the stars at night?

Connect with ancient symbology and feel that it has a much deeper meaning then they all let on?

Have a special affinity for all things of the Metaphysical nature, paranormal, UFOs, Aliens, Sci-fi, Time Travel, Wonders of the World?

Feel a deep resonance with the unexplainable and high strangeness of the world?


Have a hard time making heads or tails with finances.. they are all a bunch of silly pieces of paper and numbers to you, and it confuses you as to why the “All-mighty dollar” just is so “all-mighty” and important to the world at large?

Deeply disturbed and even depressed by all the ails/imbalance in the world, injustices, corruption, people stepping on people, using people, killing people, poisoning the planet and resources (we all need just for basic survival):  only for the sake of that “all-mighty dollar” just mentioned above?

Have a hard time wrapping your head around the “way of the world” and feel it’s just not quite right?!

None of the clothes you buy EVER seem to fit just right?

Have a very small chin?

Get the sensation and firmly believe that there is just “something more”?

Experience deja vu, synchronicities, signs, expert timing, etc on a regular basis?

Have a claircognisance and “channel” like abilities where you can “tune in” and just know many random things?

Extremely creative and don’t know where it all comes from?

Have a hard time keeping your “feet on the ground”?

Have a strange magnetism that sometimes attracts people, sometimes repels people ; and/or creates disturbances in electronics and/or lighting when you walk by?

Have unusual telepathic abilities?

Large, burning, mesmerizing eyes?

See something otherworldly when you gaze into your own eyes in the mirror?

People always ask “where are you from,” never accept the answer; and people have even blatantly said to you that “You are not from Earth”?

Can relate to and feel a special kinship with other Star Beings?


You may just be a Star Being!


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