Universal Read for the Week of: 27March ~ 02April 2017

cards: 7 of swords, Ace of Pentacles, 4 of wands, 2 of swords, ace of swords

Looks like we are starting the week keeping thoughts to ourselves as we work through some things, plotting and scheming, overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, and stepping into the mysterious journey of what lies a head. New material that brings with it stability is on the way! (Whether it be new money, job, home, car, etc.) However, it gives us only what we need, nothing more. Get off that fence and make a big “this or that” decision by the end of the week, so  you can get focused on your choice. Consider all angles and other points of view while making your choice, don’t forego seemingly marginal aspects.

Happy new moon!

Love & light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Cards: Universal Fantasy Tarot


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