Universal Read for the Week of: 03April ~ 09April 2017

Cards: Indi, The Maiden, O! That Gnome

Perpetual fence-sitter? Well it’s decision making time! It is suggested that you set a deadline to make your this-or-that decision, ask the powers that be for help, and trust in yourself that you’ll make the best choice. (Embrace and follow through when you do!) New beginninngs are at hand, and looking pretty promising! Much hope for blessings and joy are at the forefront, yet need plenty of nurturing for proper growth. (Inner child needs proper care, too.) Time for breaking old habits and patterns, too; and if ya need to fall on your face to recognize, so be it! Sometimes we need a little chaos to make a shift. This is a time of calling forth wild creative forces and gifts; look for the unexpected and take a few chances. No matter how confused things may seem, there is a way to make them better and create new paths and scenarios. O! that Gnome says, “Think amazing new thoughts!”*


Many Blessings!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


cards: the Fairies’ Oracle


*Brian Froud

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