Universal Read for the Week of: 10April ~ 16April 2017



Holy Cow! Not to be negative, but DDAAAAAAAAAANNNNNGGG! Kinda looks a little brutal this week. Maybe a bit of a challenge, anyway! (Okay. Bear with me until the end for a little Light.)

Cards: ALL REVERSED!!! 5 of Swords, Ace of Swords, 7 of Pentacles*, 3 of Swords

Right off the bat I would say that there is all kinds of resistance to even facing the week, and a lot of mind trippin’! đŸ˜®

People are just not going to be up to intellectual problems and may even fall victim to some verbal assult. There’s a lot of scatter-brainness going on, and though we may need to take a break from all the work we’re doing, we appear to be trudging on through hastily and impatiently, even though we are not getting desired results. (It looks like we’re more focused on suffering and painful details of our lives than anything else!) Folks seem to be unable to process and move on from some heartache and grief.

Helpful advice to turn things around and bring some Light in: Strive to understand. Give yourself a break to get focused on what brings you joy to help you get past your heartache(s)!

On an astrology note: We’ve just entered Mercury retrograde. (We’re already in Venus and Saturn retrograde!) This is a good time to slow down (we’re going to have to whether we like it or not), step back, and re-evaluate life, relationships, finances, work, responsibilities. It’s a good time to review/re-edit personal mission statements and affirmations as well. Sometimes in life we all need to step back for a minute to adjust a few things before we can move forward. Look at it like an opportunity and a blessing: because we are now in the Full Moon phase and it’s just about to start waning. It’s a PERFECT time to pitch, release, and burn things that are no longer satisfactory and/or aiding us on our life joyney. (Yes, I said “JOYNEY”!)

How are we going to know what needs to be let go of if we don’t take a moment to figure it out? (Just sayin’!)

Blessed be and much Love & Light,


aka Lady Sara


Cards: Tarot Apokalypsis






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