Universal Read for the Week of: 17April ~ 23April 2017

Cards: Soul Shrinker, the Piper, Arval Parrot, Sylvanius, Iris of the Rainbow

Well this looks like an action-packed week of subtleties (in communication) and the truth coming out, followed up by new hope!

Whatcho say?!!? Watch out for malicious gossip and cruel criticism (don’t you fall into that trap yourself!). Listen to/with your heart and find something deeper. Know that there is something deeper and harmonious. You know to take responsibilities for your own thoughts/words; make an effort to transform behaviour and feelings instead of blaming others all the time. Be compassionate with yourself and others! You know that music and harmony is present all around, pay attention and absorb it with your heart. Communication = half listening, half speaking truly. (Clear, concise, and everything nice!) Calmly discuss/debate things articulately, listen carefully, pay attention to subtle signals. Look inside and know that you are not as bad a person as your thought you were, and know that you have the potential to achieve so much more. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and rainbow after the storms! RELEASE and know that there is something to be gained from the passing storm(s). What needs to be cleared away so that you may nurture the seeds you have planted for a promising future? (After looking inside: Are we still “frogs” or are we something more?)


Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara




Cards: the Faeries’ Oracle

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