Universal read for the week of: 01May ~ 07May 2017


Cards: the Emperor (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), Knight of Wands

This week looks like resistance and challenges with father figures (and authority figures of all kinds)! There is vanity and intolerance attached to this. (Probably on both ends). Some folks don’t want to acknowledge where they come from, therefore disempowering themselves by not seeing just how far they have come in life. This leaves creative energies a bit scattered and many projects unfulfilled. Some will even find themselves a bit forgetful and disorganized this week, perhaps leading to feeling a bit overly emotional. (Self-centeredness and arrogance seem to have a part to play this week as well.) Only you can turn things around for yourself! By the end of the week, people may be feeling more daring and adventurous, ready to show off some exuberant energy! Life, vitality, and confidence shall return after such a challenging retrograde period. Yay! 🙂
~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Cards: Crystal Visions Tarot


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