Universal Read for the Week of: 22May ~ 28May 2017

IMG_6802Cards: the Singers of Courage (reversed), Indi (reversed), Laiste, Moon’s Daughter (reversed), the Fairy Who Was Kissed by Pixies, the Fee Lion,  Faery Guide, the Soul Shrinker (not pictured).

Wow.. LOTs of mojo this week! I couldn’t believe that this many cards were supposed to be for this week, and even wanted to re-do it. Spirit said “No, this is it!” Then when I realized that the New Moon (at the end of the week) is going to be in scattered, fickle Gemini; that’s when I concluded, “Oh.. THAT’s why!”*

The underlying influence of the week is that our Faery guides are definitely with us and making their presence known, perhaps more than usual. Beware of the Soul Shrinker (not pictured) whispering nasty criticisms and gossip into people’s ears: remember it’s our choice whether we want to listen (or repeat) anything, and/or buy into it all! Seeing the “Singers of Courage” reversed here denotes that many may lean more into buying into all that malice and fear, resulting in more self-doubt.. and have a hard time getting off the couch. Reversed Indi indicates that maybe, just maybe, more information IS needed before making certain decisions… and if our feeling is that something isn’t right, then maybe it just ISN’T! Stick to important commitments. Laiste is trying to awaken us from all of our self-doubt and anxiety, and perhaps causing us to be more accident prone than usual in order to get our attention. Hidden spiritual guidance is present if we are open to it. Know that changes are going on “behind the scenes”, inevitably we will need to change with them, and that it’s OKAY to not comply with unrealistic demands from others. Hearts are starting to open towards healing ourselves and our relationships… knowing not to lose sight of ourselves and desires/needs for fulfillment while in these relationships. Unconditional Love is present all around. Have any lingering projects and/or responsibilities that have been lying around and put on the back burner? Fee Lion is nagging at us to tidy up these loose ends and take care of any/all unfinished business in order to move on with life.

We have many choices here, hopefully we don’t choose that which is going to hold us back.


Love to you all,


aka Lady Sara


Cards: The Faeries’ Oracle




*Nothing at ALL against any Gemini out there! We love you ❤


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