Universal Read for the week of: 29 May ~ 04June 2017



cards: the Faery Godmother (reversed), G. Hobyak (reversed), Unity

It appears that there’s a bit of selfishness/greed in the air, perhaps due to some underlying fears. It is important for us to distinguish between what’s imaginary and what’s real. Proceed with caution (just not overly so)! It looks by the end of the week we adhere more to the fact that there is something HUGE that we all belong to. (We are part of this whole of society and the world, after all. ) We may find that we share some common goals and needs of others. All of us have some inner conflicts to resolve. Let’s work together, help each other, be cooperative, and remember that a community is much stronger than just one.


Love & Light,


aka Lady Sara



Cards: the Faeries’ Oracle


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