Universal read for the week of: 26June ~ 02July 2017


Cards: ALL REVERSED!! KAQJA: The Pyramid, YUM CIMIH: the Lord of Death, CEIBA: the Central World Tree

*** Special Guest Star: Fred (the Fluorite Skull) ***

Old habits die hard! So do old, rigid belief systems. Feeling a bit unstable lately? Perhaps it’s because there is something in life that needs to gently pass so that we may embrace new beginnings filled with harmony, order, and peace (something more profound than just ending something as a matter in convenience, unnecessary sacrifice, or to escape difficulty). Don’t be afraid to go deep and get to the heart of any matter: any problems, relationships, beliefs, ideals. Do we find peace/harmony or chaos/discord at the heart? Have we learned from our past? What have the ancestors laid out for us so that we may improve our future? What rigid M.O.s and belief systems need to be let go of so that we may improve our future and embrace some goodness?

(Since this is a Universal Read, the cards report things on a global scale. If only the World Leaders could SEE, understand, dig deep, and make some important changes to secure a better future for humankind!

Just sayin’!)

But does anyone want to change the way things are going? As of now there is much resistance.

May the Force be with you,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Cards: the Wisdom of the Maya





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