Universal Read for the Week of: 07August ~ 13 August 2017


Cards: Moon, Ochre, Lightning Man

Wow that is something that here we are kicking off the week with not only the Full Moon, but a Lunar Eclipse; and, lo and behold: the “Moon” card appears for the beginning of the week!

Creative forces are at work and the beginning of the week  and can prove to be a very productive time. (Supernatural forces seem to be all around also!) Remember to bring something to a completion before starting something anew, and to clear out the space disposing of things that are taking up vital space and obstructing you from living life/moving forward. Uncomfortable situations may arise mid-week, almost feeling like an impossible situation! Something you may have thought would be a piece of cake proves to be more difficult, and/or vice versa. What are you magnetizing/repelling? Heads up, here’s a warning: there seems be need for a break down and re-structuring, implementing radical changes, and adjusting perspectives and/or direction. Face up to morality and allow a bit of mourning for the loss of something once cherished, so that you can re-focus on pleasures yet to come. Time to build up energy reserves during this shift, trust in the best possible outcomes, and that all uncertainties/doubts will be resolved. Pay attention to omens, messages, and insights that hit you like lightning.


Many Blessings now and always,


aka Lady Sara


Readers note: The moon will start to wane come Monday evening, and we officially enter Mercury Retrograde on Saturday, August 12. This is the most opportune time to resolve, heal, and clear old energies/triggers. The Waning moon in accordance with Merc Ret can have a very positive outcome if we do what we need to do to clear stuff up; though it may feel like rough waters for a time. Don’t worry or fret, we’re all in this together!





Cards: Oracle of Dreamtime


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