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Hello!  Thank you for your interest, it is much appreciated 🙂

Hopefully you have been enjoying the free, weekly Universal Read. Hopefully the information provided resonates with you and proves helpful. If you clicked on this page, now you must be considering that you need something a little more personal, and tailored specially for you.

That’s what we are here for!


Hydroxia (aka Lady Sara) is currently a professional Tarot Reader/Spiritual Advisor in the United States of America. In these trying times, guidance is a necessity. Hydroxia provides you with guidance/counseling in a unique way: giving you insights, revealing the current energies and influences around you, offering suggestions on how to proceed forth with more confidence. This type of counseling doesn’t break the bank, is open to all kinds of spiritual beliefs and supernatural phenomena, and may even open you up to a whole new world of perspective and move you forward on your spiritual path.

Readings by Hydroxia (aka Lady Sara) are designed to provide you with insights, clarity, direction, (at times confirmation) and, moreover: SELF-EMPOWERMENT! We are all responsible for our own lives and choices, raising awareness is the first step. Sometimes there are moments in our life where we may “fall from grace”, and may need a little guidance and help along the way (in a good way!) The purpose of a reading is to attain information, the rest is up to you. Filter and discern, be true to you, follow through on your true wishes, thoughts, desires! 🙂

Remember that Lady Sara is a channel and a messenger. She operates pure of heart, and has only the best intentions for your journey and/or healing process. She taps into the ethers and does her best to report any messages coming from your guides, angels, etc; as well as decipher information about you/your situation(s) revealed by the cards, crystals, pendulum, etc. Each reading is unique, and tailored specifically on an individual basis depending what the querent needs. (*Note: Some messages that come through may not make sense at the time of the reading. Please allow time for consideration and time for events to actually come to pass!)

Hydroxia is knowledgeable and practiced in many different types of tarot /oracle spreads, and continually devotes much time and effort learning different methodologies as well as divination tools themselves.

Right now Hydroxia (aka Lady Sara) is offering readings via email or phone. (If you are requesting a phone reading, a mutually agreed upon scheduled date/time is necessary.)

Email readings are currently set at the affordable price of only $25. What you receive with an email read: a photo of your current divination spread (i.e. tarot/oracle cards, crystals, etc), translation (of divination), and any further messages that may pertain to you/your situation. You may ask up to 3 questions with this type of reading. Please have them prepared at time of contact. If you don’t have any specific questions ready to go, you could opt for a general Life Path read. This is a bit of an “assessment”:  past/present/future, to see what influences are around you, working for/against you, anything that may need healing  (usually from the past), others’ perception of you, and glimpse into the future. If you are interested in any type of Specialty Spread, please refer to that page (also found on the sidebar of this site) and mention that at time of contact. *Note that some certain Specialty Spreads have different pricing 🙂 All email readings require payment received/cleared prior to services rendered. Hydroxia (aka Lady Sara) will provide you with the PayPal information via email once you submit your request. (Please do not take offense that the payment is required ahead of time. Please know that unfortunately some “bad apples” like to ruin things for everyone and not rightfully pay for services rendered! )

Phone readings: there is a base rate of $25 for the first 15 min, $1 for each additional minute. (The base rate of $25 is required prior to the appointed time/date of the reading. The difference may be paid after the reading is complete.) The advantage to a phone reading is that more questions may be asked/bases covered. The disadvantage is that you will not receive photos of any card spreads, etc, that may come up during the time of the read. (Stopping to photograph each spread, etc, will interrupt the flow and waste both time and money.) You may inquire as to what cards are being displayed during the time of the read if you wish.


Thank you again for your interest and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


Contact email:





Note: Hydroxia (aka Lady Sara) is a respectful professional, and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone due to misconduct of querents including (but not limited to): harassment,  solicitation, lewd behaviour, ridicule, slander, extreme codependency, disrespect in anyway, and failure to make payment.

Thank you for understanding.






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